Wine Club


The Society for The Lengthening of Summer


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12 bottles total, shipped to you in 6 packs, twice a year.  

$264.00 per year (plus applicable taxes, shipping and bottle deposit). You will be charged once a year in the spring.  

Its a mash up of all our great wine including some oldies and newbies and some super limited edition stuff that you won't find in stores!    


  • Access to older vintages that are not for sale on shelves anymore - library wines

  • Variety pack of golden goodness.

  • First access to new releases

  • First access to events

  • Wines that may not be released to stores - think single vineyard cab franc, only 40 cases made.  

  • Guaranteed access to some other harder to find wines..

  • Save some $$$ on wines

  • 15% discount on additional orders.

  • 10% discount on swag including clothing and other cool stuff we come out with. 

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