Friends of Summer Society

12 bottles of hand-crafted, small-batch natural wines delivered right to your door


The Friends of Summer Society is an annual subscription wine club that includes a mixed case of 12 bottles of a Sunday in August’s natural wines curated by us (among other perks).

Our wines are adventurous, playful and creative. We source different grape varietals from different terroirs all over the Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys. Every bottle is living and every vintage is an evolving process.


What's included in the 2019 wine club?

Our 2018 vintage (coming summer 2019!) includes a Chardonnay that is exclusive to the Friends of Summer Society! We also have a biodynamic ancestral-method sparkling wine—our Pet Nat Pinot Blanc—as well as our infamous pink Pinot Gris with even more skin contact this year. Mix those into a case with our Riesling, light and fresh Pinot Noir, Cab-Merlot Blend, no-sulfur reserve Merlot, and a lovely Loire-inspired Cabernet Franc.


How our wine club works:



Sign up today or give the gift of wine!

Many of our wines are handcrafted in such small batches that they’re limited to the public or exclusive to wine club members only!


We bottle, box and ship to you in early summer

We ship cases anywhere in Canada just in time for summer! You only pay for shipping when the wines are shipped to you in early Summer.


Receive, uncork and enjoy!

Drink with friends or gift to loved ones! Try our natural sparkling wine, Riesling, pink Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Cab-Merlot, no-sulfur Merlot and Cab Franc—you get them all!  


Renew your annual membership

Your subscription automatically renews every year in February. You can sign up and opt out anytime by emailing us.


FAQ: Friends of Summer Society Membership

  • The 2019 a Sunday in August wine club membership costs $315 CAD plus taxes, nominal bottle deposit and shipping.

  • The retail store price is for these wines $350+ plus tax—that’s a super hot deal for our members.

  • All of our wines will be bottled by June (yay!) and your mixed case of 12 wines will be shipped to you then.

  • Shipping costs will only be charged once the wines are traveling to you.  

  • We ship anywhere in Canada.

  • Want to buy a full case of a particular wine you love? No problem! We can offer an additional 10% off the retail price just email us directly to order.

  • The mixed case is curated by the winemaker to showcase all of our products and give you an exciting variety of wine.  

  • New and renewing wine club members will be charged annually every February. We’ll send you an order confirmation via email. You can sign up, add additional orders or opt out anytime by emailing us directly.

  • Giving the gift of wine? Great idea! If we’ve sold out of wine, which usually happens by autumn, we’ll send you a confirmation and certificate to give your lucky loved one.

Natural wine, feeling fine!